note: Just a little disclaimer, if you encounter any broken links, it just means that I have coded it wrong or the site does not exist anymore. Anywho, I would regularly update the links part of this site since some people are changing their URLs and making new ones. ^_^


 Daily Reads


    The following links are the blogs of my personal friends and online friends as well.


Dyan Lagasca

Monika Ortega

Dana Torio

Mel Mayuga

Rem Reloj I

Rem Reloj II

Paula Manabat

Domeng Quilicot

Marish Quilicot

Jamille's blog

Noelle Reloj

Kaycee Alcantara

Ana Mayor

Patricia Valera

Janeca Naboya

Lia Fernandez


Hazel Velas

Riasa Aguilar

Jewel Pineda I

Arthur Doctolero

Chi Aisha

Angelo Dantes

Sarah Espia


Monika / Rinoa 's very own server! Congrats moni-chan! *clap* *clap*



DeviantArt Accounts


    These are the deviantart accounts of my friends who are really into art and can create amazing artworks. View their galleries if you have time. ^_^


Dyan Lagasca

Monika Ortega II

3sha Alcantara

Irene Calma

Jewel Pineda

Sarah Alcantara




BJD Doll Blogs



Celandri /

Lexi / Schiezka / Cerberus

Blue / Mythrill

Shuri / Keran / Eiri





Cool Sites


Seniors 2005 official website

Gamer Clan

Girl News


Gaia Online

Your Chillin!

Angelic Network



Quiz Your Friends

Potter Puppet Pals!

Cat Song ^_^

I Love Egg!


FF Insider

Human for Sale


Spongecola official website

Official Website of The Guidon

Atenista dot Net

Goodies, Pixels, menu dividers and more cuteness cool site with goodies and animal pixels Hunting game, goodies , pixels and many more one cool site with lots of neat stuff. mostly stuffs about cats A great site and lots of stuff for visitors. It also has a hunting game A very cute site with games and other cool stuffa cool site full of sheepiness A very cool site with tons of stuff for blogs and just for laughs Very cool online forum!!! It lets you create and decorate your own anime-styled avatar!



Helpful sites

    These sites could be useful for those who would want to tweak their blogs/ websites in order to add more style. There are also links here that would be of interest to beginners who wants to venture into web designing.


Blinkie Suppi

24 Fun



RadioBlog Club




Funky Chickens





Internet Dollie sites


childish dolls!!! kawaii adoptables site din Kaos and other goodies Cool Kao-anis! pixel faces mga onigiris!!

Morbid adoptable dolls

Tons of dolls to adopt!

tons of amusing blinkies!

plush dolls na super kawaii!!